Mima Cornish - Goddess Mourning

Credit to Mima Cornish. She says about her painting:

“I have the unusual honour of being one of Hekate’s artists. Often during meditation She will deliver a new painting into my head, and I try to do the image justice with my limited skill. Often it takes months, and She can be quite patient and accepting of my other responsibilities and the time they take from me.

Last Monday was different however, and I knew that I had to get on with creating this image. She had something that She wanted to convey. I tried to do different designs , but they were all too complicated and would have taken me too long. I just knew that this image , depicting Her empathy and solidarity to the LGBTQIA community who were in mourning, was an imperative one, and one that She wanted out there by early evening. All other errands etc were done fast as one colour dried, and no washing up was done or dinner cooked. Children and spouse were ignored. The standard of the brushstrokes and blending is not one I’d normally settle for, but it was never about me. It hasn’t ever been my picture. She led me to the straightforward design that seems to speak to people so clearly, and the second the paint was dry I uploaded it.

I have been humbled by the response and that something I created has given some comfort to people. As I said, its Her message to Her devotees, and I hope I did it justice. With love for Orlando, and all those hurt by the events there “